Tony Khan Reportedly Scripted Four Weeks of AEW Dynamite in a Matter of Minutes

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a huge blow to the pro wrestling industry but promotions have continued to fulfill their promise of delivering weekly/regular dose of entertainment for fans all across the globe.

AEW had to film a lot of content in advance to ensure a steady flow of Dynamite shows amidst the pandemic. The company had to pull off a lot of television tapings at QT Marshall’s gym in Norcross, Georgia and didn’t have much time to plan things out in a nice fashion.

According to PWInsider, Tony Khan got to writing as soon as it was decided that certain parts of the country were being shut out due to the pandemic. The CEO was aware of the limited set of talents that was available at hand and spun out a series of shows revolving around the TNT Championship Tournament real quick.

“The word making the rounds is that Khan, realizing that he was going to have a very small crew due to shut-in rulings around the country, sat down and wrote the last four weeks of TV on the fly at once by himself in a matter of minutes, built around the TNT Championship tournament and the local talents that were available.”

However, Khan quickly improvised their plans and made the most of the small talent pool.

PWInsider further reports that Cody Rhodes was very “instrumental” backstage. The Co-Executive Vice President worked as Khan’s right-hand man and actively helped in putting things together backstage.

“We are told that Cody was very instrumental in helping put things together as Khan’s right hand and has been very hands-on with not only his own programs but with helping others.”

AEW returns live next week on TNT. The company has already announced several bookings for next Wednesday night and it will be the first time that AEW World Champion Jon Moxley will work an actual taping in a long while.