Triple H Reportedly Fighting With Vince McMahon To Allow Adam Cole To Remain In NXT

Undisputed Era
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Adam Cole became the NXT Champion for the first time last week at Takeover: XXV, but this hasn’t stopped rumors from suggesting that Vince McMahon is looking to take both Cole and Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler to the main roster.

Cole has been influential in NXT over the past few months and it’s obvious that something is building between the four members of The Undisputed Era, so this could be why Triple H is fighting to keep Cole in NXT for a while longer.

According to report by Slice Wrestling, McMahon is hoping to take Cole up to either SmackDown or Raw in the follow up to SummerSlam but Triple H has seen the way many of the newest main roster recruits have been treated over the past few years and is rightly worried about the way Cole would be treated if he was called up.

Undisputed Era should be allowed to remain as a unit and head to the main roster to take over, but it doesn’t look as though this is the plan that Vince McMahon has for The Panama City Playboy, which could be why Triple H is digging his heels in.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Cole in the build to NXT Takeover: Toronto which could be his final Takeover event as an NXT superstar if Vince McMahon gets his own way and is able to promote him to the main roster.

Cole’s last match with Johnny Gargano back at Takeover: XXV was recently awarded five and a quarter stars by Dave Meltzer, which means this is yet another 5* match from Gargano, but it’s a match that’s been graded less than their original counter back at Takeover: New York which was contested in Two out Three falls match.