Triple H Reportedly Setting Up a Creative Team for a New NXT Show

Triple H’s brainchild, NXT, is evolving with each passing year, and the Game is looking to take it one step forward with a brand new show for the black-and-gold brand.

According to WrestlingInc, Triple H is setting up a new creative team, headed by former EVOLVE chief Gabe Sapolsky, to create a new show which would be a minor league system for the NXT brand.

Triple H has also provided Sapolsky with several writers to ensure he gets comfortable with television writing. It is believed that Triple H has great confidence in the former EVOLVE main-man, who signed with WWE two years ago as a consultant.

“The idea is to create a show that was described to me as an ‘NXT for NXT’.”

It is believed that since house-shows are not going to return for the foreseeable future, the concept of having a minor league system was converted into a tv series.

WWE had a working relationship with EVOLVE for several years before officially purchasing them earlier this year. The company also included a video library from various other promotions on the Network and could be looking to cater to the die-hard independent wrestling audiences with the new show.