Triple H Reportedly Wasn’t Backstage At Raw, Reason Why Divorce Court Closed Last Night’s Show

Monday Night Raw was presented from St Louis, Missouri last night and saw the continuation of a number of angles including Team Hogan vs Team Flair, which managed to bring out hometown star Randy Orton to RKO Ricochet.

Seth Rollins managed to continue to heat up his match with The Fiend as he defeated former Wyatt Family member Erick Rowan in a Falls Count Anywhere match in order to send a message to The Fiend ahead of WWE Crown Jewel on Thursday night.

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Even though it was a stacked episode of the show that seemingly went on without a hiccup, there was one interesting backstage absentee. According to a report by CageSideSeats, Triple H wasn’t part of last night’s show and his whereabouts are still yet to be confirmed.

Two people who were there for last night’s show were Lana and Rusev, who were part of the Divorce Court segment which main evented Raw. It was another shocking angle where Lana accused Rusev of being a sex addict and many fans went on to Tweet out just how cringeworthy this storyline is becoming.

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It was a shock that WWE would allow something that risky to be the main event, but The Sportster recently reported that the main reason for the company allowing this to be the headliner was because of the money they are raking in from Youtube.

The segment has currently had more than three million hits on Youtube which makes it the most-watched segment on the site from Raw.

Even though many fans are complaining about the content and the fact that it doesn’t fall within WWE’s PG standards, it appears that there are many more fans watching it and each view makes WWE money when advertising and sponsors are taken into account.