Triple H Talks About The Possibility Of Paige and Edge Returning To The Ring

Image via WWE

NXT UK presents Takeover: Blackpool live from the seaside city this weekend which means that Triple H has been part of a number of interviews to promote the show. Earlier today, Sportskeeda’s Gary Cassidy had the opportunity to speak to The Game in Blackpool where he asked about WWE Hall of Famer Edge and former Divas Champion Paige, and what the likelihood was that they would return to the ring for the Royal Rumble.

Both stars have obviously struggled with neck injuries throughout their careers, with Edge stepping aside in 2011 while Paige was forced to retire back in 2018. Rumors have recently circulated surrounding the two stars with many fans believing that they will be surprise entrants in their respective Rumble matches, but Triple H himself pointed out the reality of the situation.

“So, with both of them, those would be personal choice for them… No, I shouldn’t say that. Personal choice would be a part of it, then medical choice for the other part. WWE is at a different level. There is no other level, almost, from a medical oversight standpoint. Every now and then, I’ll hear somebody else talk about, “Oh, their medical,” or something, and it doesn’t exist. Fact. Just because you have a doctor every now and then doesn’t mean you have a medical protocol, right?”

“So, for us, there are certain perimeters. If we believe it’s not in your best interest, we put the human being first, and their long-term health. Life goes on for a long time after this ends. Especially now. The style and the physicality has increased dramatically, so if you get to a point where we’re telling you, medically, “Not in your best interest,” you can do a lot of things to get back to that. If you do, maybe it’s an option but it’s a medical decision. If our medical experts say that they believe this person has done whatever to rehab their situation, and there are multiple situations, they’ve done all of that and are safe to get back into the ring, then we allow it.”

Paige recently Tweeted about her glory days being far from over, a week ago, which started the rumors regarding a return, while Edge has reportedly recently signed a new contract with WWE that would allow him to return to action. The Rated R Superstar started the speculation regarding a return to the ring when he returned at SummerSlam last year and delivered a spear to Elias, the first move he had been allowed to perform in a WWE ring in more than eight years.