Undertaker’s Recent WWE Return Had Reportedly Been Planned For A While

The Deadman made a shock return to Monday Night Raw this week

Image via stillrealtous.com

The Undertaker shockingly popped up on Monday Night Raw this week to help save Roman Reigns from a beat down at the hands of Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon, which has since led to a match between the four men being announced for Extreme Rules on July 14th, a match that still awaits a stipulation.

The real reason that The Deadman has laced up his boots once again to help save Reigns was reported by PWInsider to have been because of the company’s decline in ratings and ticket sales, so the hope was that the return of the former World Champion would be able to push interest in Extreme Rules in the coming weeks.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, this wasn’t a return that was planned recently, WWE came up with the plan to bring back The Undertaker before his match with Goldberg at Super ShowDown earlier this month and it is now expected to lead to a match for The Deadman at The Biggest Party of The Summer in less than two months time.

“Undertaker’s return for this show is not something that just came up this week based on bad numbers, as it was planned before Super Showdown. Whether this is an angle for SummerSlam is unknown, but it makes no sense to use him on Extreme Rules and not SummerSlam,” he said via Ringsidenews.

Recent reports suggest that WWE could be building towards a match between Drew McIntyre and The Undertaker at WrestleMania 36 next April since The Undertaker himself handpicked McIntyre as the opponent that he wants.

It would make sense to tease something heading into SummerSlam and then allow Undertaker some time off before he returns in the build-up to next year’s WrestleMania so that he can battle The Scottish Psychopath.