Upcoming Feud For Roman Reigns Revealed? Sonya Deville Asks Vince McMahon For a Favor

Image via WWE

Roman Reigns was drafted over to SmackDown as part of last week’s WWE Draft and it appears that he could have picked up a new feud going forward. Last week, as part of the Friday night show, Roman Reigns was attacked by Sami Zayn which caused the disqualification finish to his Intercontinental Championship match with Shinsuke Nakamura.

Following the match, Baron Corbin came out and joined in on the assault which later led to Daniel Bryan making the save and all four men minus Sami Zayn then taking part in a tag team match to close the show.

Corbin’s actions did lead to a number of questions, mainly why Corbin came down and attacked Roman Reigns, to begin with, but future advertisements look to have answered this since Reigns and Corbin are now expected to embark on an interesting feud both on SmackDown and at house shows in the coming weeks.

The WWE Draft only took place a week ago and while Sonya Deville was drafted over to SmackDown alongside her longtime friend Mandy Rose, it appears that the former MMA star isn’t happy with her new home on FOX.

Deville Tweeted earlier today to ask WWE Chairman Vince McMahon a favor which entailed her being moved over to Monday Night Raw so that she could put the Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in her place in her own back yard.

Becky Lynch has had nothing but praise for Sonya Deville in recent weeks, even naming her the Future Breakout Star of the Women’s Division. That being said, it appears that the current Total Divas star has set her sights on using The Man to push herself into the spotlight but in order for her to do this, Vince McMahon would have to grant her permission to bypass the recent draft.