Update on 2020 WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony, SummerSlam Audience Attendance

WWE was able to still make WrestleMania 36 happen despite the COVID-19 pandemic causing the company to cancel a number of matches. NXT Takeover and the Hall of Fame ceremony were canceled ahead of time, with reports suggesting that the 2020 Hall of Fame ceremony would instead take place ahead of SummerSlam.

Recent reports suggest that this could still be the plan, but 2020 Hall of Fame inductees The Bella Twins would be heavily pregnant at this point, and it’s unknown how safe it would be for them to attend.

SummerSlam was the place that WWE was looking at when it came to the return of their audience, but WrestleVotes recently reported that even though Vince McMahon is pushing for a public audience at The Biggest Party of the Summer, this is looking more and more unlikely.

WrestleVotes made it clear that things have been changing from day to day in WWE over the past few weeks and while two or three weeks ago the company was set on the audience return, things sure have changed.

WWE’s audience is now being forced to wear masks when in attendance for their live shows since the company was hit by more than 30 positive cases and Florida remains one of the hotbeds for the virus.

It’s likely that Vince McMahon will continue to push for the return of a paying audience because it has been almost four months since the lockdown was put into place. SummerSlam is just under two months away, so things could still change.