Update On Dolph Ziggler’s Expected Opponent At SummerSlam

The Miz isn't thought to be Ziggler's opponent as part of the show

Image via WWE

This past week on SmackDown Live, Dolph Ziggler had some harsh things to say to Shawn Michaels about his return to the ring back in November. Something that Michaels reportedly asked Ziggler to air and then went on to agree with him as part of their Miz TV segment.

The segment ended with Ziggler hitting The Heartbreak Kid with a Superkick before exiting the ring, which has left many fans wondering if a feud between the two stars could be brewing ahead of SummerSlam.

Michaels has made it blatantly clear over the past few months that he was only returning for one match at Crown Jewel which means that HBK won’t be lacing up his wrestling boots for another outing anytime soon.

Michaels reportedly saw Saudi Arabia as a glorified house show and didn’t class it as a comeback match, he also admitted to Ziggler this week that “I’m not gonna disagree with you, I was embarrassed,” which is enough to assume Michaels isn’t returning to the ring anytime soon.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Michaels isn’t expected to be part of SummerSlam, and The Miz isn’t thought to be Ziggler’s opponent as part of the show either.

Speculation earlier today also suggested that it could be Goldberg since Ziggler mentioned that he was “embarrassing” as part of his promo on SmackDown Live, but there are reportedly no plans for the WWE Hall of Famer to be in Toronto next month either.

There are still two episodes of SmackDown Live ahead of SummerSlam, which means that the company has enough time to build up whoever his opponent is. Since Michaels is very close to Triple H and came to his aid back in Saudi Arabia, the most likely person that Ziggler could be stepping into the ring with at The Biggest Party of the Summer could well be The Game.