Update On Hulk Hogan’s Rumored WrestleMania 36 Match, Why Vince McMahon Wants To Sell PPV Rights

Image via WWE

Hulk Hogan recently unveiled his revamped look leading to inherent speculations about his potential in-ring return at WrestleMania 36. The WWE Hall Of Famer underwent back surgery this past November and claims to be in the best shape of his life at present, thus fuelling rumors of his potential return to the squared circle.

WrestlingNews.com reports that there are currently no plans for The Hulkster to compete at WrestleMania and the multi-time World Champion hasn’t been medically cleared either.

“I’ve been told that the people in creative have not heard anything about plans for Hogan at Mania 36 in Tampa. I was also told that there has been no talk on Hogan being cleared by WWE doctors. So, if Hogan ends up appearing at WrestleMania then it will likely not be in a match where he would take bumps.“

Amazon is likely to purchase WWE’s pay-per-view rights as well as the entire billion-dollar company as a whole once The McMahon Family makes the decision to leave the pro wrestling business.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer speculated the possible reason behind Vince McMahon’s decision to sell the PPV rights. Rival promotions have been enjoying guaranteed financial benefits with the strategic move and Mr. McMahon likely wants a chunk of that share as well.

“The idea of selling WWE pay-per-view rights to another streaming service, essentially what UFC did with ESPN. You know, obviously Vince saw that deal and he’s like they got $200 million guaranteed and now they don’t even have to sell pay-per-view. They don’t even have to sell a Network. They just get the money guaranteed and I’m sure Vince was like, ‘Bellator got all this money’ — to Vince the Bellator money wasn’t big, but for Bellator it was huge. I think he saw that Canelo Álvarez got $360 million and it’s like these people are willing to spend this kind of money for our pay-per-view product so let’s go out there and sell it. There are plenty of people who want to start pay-per-viewing.”

Amazon’s reported purchase of WWE’s PPV rights runs the risk of diluting WWE Network’s streaming service’s library and fans may not be too happy about it.