Update On Kevin Owens’ Future After Getting ‘Fired’ On SmackDown Live

Shane McMahon 'fired' Owens last week on SmackDown

Image via WWE

Kevin Owens was ‘fired’ by Shane McMahon on SmackDown Live last week, after Owens officiated in the King of the Ring semi-finals featuring McMahon. Owens was ‘bribed’ by McMahon to work in his favor, but McMahon tapped out to Gable’s Ankle Lock submission.

Post-match, McMahon started a ruthless attack on Owens, and echoed his father Vince by saying ‘You’re Fired’. Owens getting fired from WWE is not a new thing whatsoever, but it seems that this time, it does mean something.

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Owens has been taken off the active superstars list on the WWE page, and according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider Elite, the former Universal Champion will be appearing in NXT on Wednesday.

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“The expectation is that Kevin Owens will be in Orlando this week on September 18th and he will appear for the NXT brand. Whether he’s there for a short period of time or it’s a long-term thing I don’t know, but the expectation is that Owens will be part of the Wednesday NXT episode on September 18th.”

Kevin Owens will return to NXT, where he made his debut close to five years ago. Owens won the NXT Championship after defeating his ‘best friend’ Sami Zayn.

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It will be interesting to see what role does Owens play in the NXT roster. He could be the next challenger for Adam Cole‘s NXT Championship, a match which is a potential five-star encounter.

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Owens teased a return to NXT last week, when he tweeted a series of numbers denoting NXT. Owens’ recent character change on SmackDown was widely appreciated, but it cooled down eventually after WWE failed to capitalize on the tremendous momentum.

Triple H also announced that Pete Dunne, Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm would move to the NXT brand soon. Imagine Owens showing up on NXT in the very first episode on USA Network, opening the show with a spectacular promo and laying down some superstar with a massive stunner!

Now that will be quite the start for NXT!