Update on QT Marshall’s Status Following Reported Positive COVID-19 Test

QT Marshall is the first talent on the AEW roster to have tested positive for COVID-19. He was pulled from storylines and his absence caused AEW to change some plans. Quite naturally, he didn’t wrestle at Fight For The Fallen last night.

It was revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that QT Marshall’s most recent COVID-19 test didn’t return in time for Fight For The Fallen. The babyface star wasn’t expected to return this soon anyway, but the good news is that he isn’t experiencing any further symptoms at present.

“I know he didn’t have the results back yesterday of the most recent test that he took which was the last that I heard. I think either way he wasn’t going to be on the show this week. In theory, it’s been several weeks now and he’s not showing any symptoms anymore so he should be back soon I think.”

Tony Schiavone wasn’t present at AEW Fight For The Fallen due to coronavirus precautions. Taz took his spot at the announcers’ desk and as usual, The Human Suplex Machine set the show on fire with his verbal skills.

It was further reported that several people including Schiavone had to take their test “multiple times.” As reported earlier, AEW is also conducting blood tests which are quite different from the swab tests. Since Schiavone didn’t receive his test report in time, he couldn’t work the show last night.

“There’s something that happened that I was told that people were tested multiple times. I don’t know the whole story, but Tony’s test didn’t come back so he was off the show. There were a couple other people who were missing. I don’t know the reasons why, but they were missing.”

It remains to be seen whether Marshall and Schiavone can make it back to TV next week.