Update on the Reason Why Impact Fired Tessa Blanchard

Impact let go of their World Heavyweight Champion, Tessa Blanchard, in June, after Blanchard refused to show up for Impact tapings.

Impact terminated the contract just five days before it was set to expire on June 30.

Several companies, including WWE, are looking to bring in the 25-year old superstar, but nothing concrete has come out yet.

However, according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Impact released Blanchard as they believed she had already agreed to a better offer elsewhere.

Blanchard hasn’t appeared in any promotion since her release and will make her return to the ring this week in an independent promotion.

“The belief from those at Impact is that Blanchard didn’t sign a new deal (technically she was let go and stripped of her Impact title days before the deal expired) as they believed she had a better offer elsewhere”

Blanchard is a highly talented superstar but her reported attitude issues could come in the way of a deal with a major promotion.

Blanchard’s father is a major figure in AEW, which could be another possible destination for the superstar.