Update on When WWE Made the Decision to Split The IIconics

Last night on Raw, The IIconics faced off against The Riott Squad in a match that stipulated that the winners would be given a shot at the Women’s Tag Team Championships, while the losers would be forced to go their separate ways.

The Riott Squad has had a few issues in recent weeks, but there was no build-up to a match of this kind and it came as a huge shock when it was The IIconics who were forced to split.

Later in the night, Peyton Royce pushed Billie Kay into the ring as part of Raw Underground, where she was knocked out by Jessamyn Duke, which could lead to an interesting storyline between the two women moving forward.

According to a report by Ringsidenews, the split wasn’t just a shock for the WWE Universe, but for many people backstage in the company as well, since the decision was made on Monday afternoon out of nowhere.

The reported plan now is for Peyton Royce to be pushed in the Women’s Division since Vince McMahon is now reportedly very high on the former Women’s Tag Team Champion. It’s unknown what the plan is for Billie Kay.

“I have so many emails asking about The #IIconics this morning. Luckily, I have an answer. We were told #WWE decided to break up Peyton and Billie on Monday afternoon. Vince sees big things in Peyton, and has for a while. This is her “breakout moment.”