Update on WWE’s Plans to Launch NXT India Brand

It was reported a few weeks ago that WWE had plans to launch a new NXT India Brand. Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal was reportedly set to be the face of the brand and filming was set to begin in early 2021.

In the latest update, POST Wrestling reports that the current plan is for WWE to begin filming the new brand on January 22nd.

“As of Thursday morning, we were told by one person that there is a shooting date listed on the calendar for Friday, January 22nd with the calendar stating, “India Special”.

The way WWE will introduce their new brand is still a mystery, but the report speculates that it could become a series. POST Wrestling went on to report that the show could kick off with a two-night event very similar to NXT UK back in January 2017.

“One person close to the situation indicated that it could begin with a one or two-night event to kick things off. On the surface, that sounds close to the model for NXT UK where it began with a two-night tournament in January 2017 prior to the implementation of the weekly series.”

Plans for the show still remain up in the air, but with the launch just under a month away, it will be interesting to see how this fits in with WWE’s current content.