USA Network Furious at Low WWE Raw Ratings, Asking for More “Adult” Content

WWE Monday Night Raw ratings hit a record low this week and the USA Network is not happy.

According to Alex McCarthy of talkSport, the USA Network is “furious” and demanding changes after this week’s Raw averaged just 1.5 million viewers, a 12% dip from last week’s already low 1.7 million.

McCarthy’s source told him that the network is asking for more adult content.

“Not sexy adult, but dark and more violent adult,” the source is supposed to have said.

USA Network’s directive for content changes to address the lower viewership for Raw is reflective of a report released by Variety Intelligence Platform in September.

According to the VIP findings, adults were turning off WWE programming as the content is geared towards kids.

A decline in Raw viewership is not just bad business, but also a bad look for WWE as Raw was always seen as the flagship show.

In contrast, WWE SmackDown has been consistently been performing quite well on FOX. The show, which airs on Friday nights, averages around 2.5 million viewers on most weeks.  

While WWE is also reportedly unhappy with the low ratings and is thinking about making changes to Raw, it should also be noted that there is historically a drop in viewership during the holidays.