USA Network Not Happy Over Shakeup in WWE Raw Creative

Paul Heyman has been removed from WWE creative and, as we covered earlier, some talents are shocked and worried about what this might mean for WWE Raw.

Heyman was in charge of creative on Raw and now that he’s been removed from creative, it’s expected that Bruce Prichard – along with Vince McMahon will be booking Raw.

It’s not just talent and fans who are a bit worried about Heyman’s departure from creative, however, according to a report from Wrestling Observer Radio, the USA Network is unhappy with the change as well.

“I know that USA was unhappy with the change,” said Dave Meltzer.

Some reports said that Heyman’s removal from creative was brought about by Raw’s falling ratings. Heyman was allegedly intent on pushing young and “unfamiliar” talent as he believed that, once fans got familiar with the new talent, the ratings would recover. This was a mindset that was understood by USA Network.

“They were told a long time ago that this was a rebuilding period and it was gonna take time and they understood that,” said Meltzer.

The latest episode of Raw was taped before the change in creative, however, the next few will mostly be booked by Prichard.