Vince McMahon and Other Top Executives Reportedly Missed RAW This Week

It is believed that Paul Heyman ran the show in Vince's absence

Image via WWE

WWE has loads of writers and producers on RAW and SmackDown Live, who are often undermined by the supreme authority of WWE, Vince McMahon. Reports of Vince tearing up the script hours before the show, and rewriting it himself have floated in several reports of late.

However, it seems like last night’s RAW was an exception to this, as Vince McMahon was reportedly missing from the RAW taping this week. According to Ryan Satin of ProWrestlingSheet, several backstage officials including McMahon, Kevin Dunn, and Triple H were not in the gorilla position last night.

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Kevin Dunn is one of the top guys backstage, and he is on the Board of Directors in WWE. Dunn is responsible for how the show is presented on television, which means the camera-cuts, entrances, etc. are his responsibility.

It is believed that Paul Heyman ran the show in Vince’s absence, which was apparent from the bizarre Maria Kanellis segment. The whole segment reeked of a throwback to the Attitude Era.

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Triple H is possibly off duty due to NXT’s upcoming move to USA Network a day after tomorrow. Triple H has already confirmed that NXT will continue to remain his own project, and Vince McMahon or other main-roster individuals won’t be involved with the production.

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McMahon reportedly missed RAW in August as well, when the team names and logos for his upcoming project XFL were set to be announced. It’s been reported that once XFL takes off full-time, McMahon will phase out from WWE.

This was termed as the reason behind Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff‘s hiring a few months ago, and they could eventually become the main guys when Vince leaves WWE. Heyman was the chief during his time with ECW, while Bischoff was the brains behind WCW in its heydays.

It is unknown if these three will miss SmackDown tonight.