Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson Reportedly Drunk At Rocky Johnson’s Funeral, McMahon Makes Shocking Joke

Image via WWE

The wrestling world was saddened to hear of the passing of WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson last week. The funeral of the father of The Rock took place yesterday and reports earlier today indicated that the ceremony didn’t go quite as smoothly as expected.

Hannibal TV revealed a conversation with Harry Smith JR which revealed that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and legend Pat Patterson appeared intoxicated at the service.

“Harry Smith told me he was too busy right now to do a Skype with me, but he said he could confirm this and this is what he wrote:”

“He said lots of people could confirm this because lots of people are asking him what happened.”

“He said: ‘I think Vince and Pat were really strange or they were drunk or they were a bit of both probably. Pat’s microphone got cut off because he was talking so long at the funeral. Pat’s ending line was: ‘Last night I was drunk and I was drinking water or what I thought was in the sink and then the toilet seat fell on my head.’”

“‘Vince said: ‘Rocky Johnson was a great wrestler, but the greatest thing he ever did was marry Ata, and Ata had some kids.’ Then he walked out of the building.”

“‘Vince strutted on and off the stage like he was doing a promo. He looked like he really shrunk too’ — I assume he means in size. Harry goes on to say ‘Vince and Pat are completely out to lunch. I thought they were drunk, but I spoke to Pat and maybe he’s just going senile.’”

“He’s not the only one I’ve heard that’s said Pat is gong senile.”

“He said: ‘I don’t think Pat’s memory is all that good,'” via Ringsidenews.

There have been a number of other reports from stars who were at the ceremony that stated the same, where Vince McMahon said the same thing before walking out of the building. Despite this, it’s being reported that the Anoa’i family were not offended by the actions of the two WWE stars.

Over the past hour, Hannibal TV has reported that Billy Graham’s Mother In Law confirmed the story relating to Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson.