Vince McMahon Changed Lars Sullivan Vs. Lucha House Party Finish At WWE Super ShowDown

The Freak should have won clean in Saudi Arabia

Image via WWE

Vince McMahon is high on Lars Sullivan and wants to establish The Freak as the next big heel in WWE.

Despite treating Sullivan as a big project, The Chairman reportedly changed the finish for his match at WWE Super ShowDown that resulted in the powerhouse walking out with a stained victory.

Lars battled Lucha House Party in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match this past Friday in Saudi Arabia. Despite being outnumbered, the big guy was still considered to walk out victorious with a clean finish. However, the Luchas ganged up on Sullivan and the match ended in disqualification.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that a logical finish was initially planned for the match but plans eventually changed.

“In the Lars Sullivan match, the finish got changed and the original thing that would have theoretically made sense was in fact what they were going to do. Why that changed, I have no idea. I’ve heard that they may be running the match in San Jose [on Monday Night RAW.”

It’s interesting to see WWE handing Sullivan the victory via disqualification in a bout that he should’ve won clean.

A source told Meltzer that it’s better not to find any logic in WWE’s recent storylines.

“I was just told that it’s just not the case anymore. There’s no logic here. There’s no explanation of anything. Why did Shane McMahon win? It’s not like there’s a reason, it’s just weird.”

Roman Reigns‘ shock defeat at the hands of Shane McMahon also caused a huge stir among fans. The Big Dog got buried in the same way as The Miz was buried by Shane at WrestleMania 35 and Money In The Bank – without any logic!

While Randy Orton was the right guy to go over Paul “Triple H” Levesque at Super ShowDown, the fact that WWE’s horrible storylines and meaningless finish are the new order of the day is really frightening.