Vince McMahon’s ‘Grumpy’ Attitude Has Become ‘A Running Joke’ Backstage In WWE

The COVID-19 pandemic recently claimed Vince McMahon‘s XFL; the returning football league had to be shut down, the employees were laid off and the company filed for bankruptcy immediately after. Now that the XFL is officially done, Mr. McMahon isn’t in a very good mood, especially when we consider the fact that he has now been sued by former XFL commissioner Oliver Luck.

The shutdown of XFL was followed by Mr. McMahon firing several dozens of employees from WWE as part of the promotion’s latest budget cuts.

On PW Insider Elite Audio, Mike Johnson reported that McMahon’s grumpy mood has become a running joke backstage in WWE.

“A couple of weeks ago, Vince McMahon was a grumpy SOB because of the XFL going down and I got calls from people who knew — there were people who were like, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna stay out of the building for as long as I can and sit in my car or take the widest path that I can to stay out of his way and stay out of his vision.”

The Chairman Of Board had pledged $300 million dollars to boost XFL with the belief that the league would receive a major television deal in the near future, but the unfortunate shutdown completely ruined his mood and he thereafter vented his frustration and rage on those WWE employees who were handed the pink slip during the global pandemic.

“It’s a running joke in the company, you know it’s great to do well in WWE and it’s great to get a raise and a promotion, but the raise and promotion you don’t wanna get is the one that’s gonna put you in the direct sight of Vince McMahon.”

In the past, several people had worked directly with Mr. McMahon only to be suddenly terminated, moved away, or demoted. Now that social distancing is being practiced more than ever, everyone in WWE is apparently trying to stay 6 feet away from The Boss.