Vince McMahon Has Reportedly Given Up on Shayna Baszler

It came as a shock on Monday Night when Sasha Banks was announced as Asuka’s next challenger. Perhaps mostly because The Boss is a SmackDown superstar but also because there is already a number of female stars who could have stepped up on Raw.

Charlotte was put on the bench by Nia Jax on Raw this week, which puts her out of the running, but Jax has recently fought to a double count-out and had a referee screw her out of the title with a fast count, so why isn’t she being given a rematch?

Bianca Belair has been seen as one of the next big things, but The EST of WWE hasn’t been seen on WWE TV in months and appears to have been forgotten by the creative team.

One star many believed would make her return following Backlash was former NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler. The Submission Magician was being kept off WWE TV so the company could focus on the feud between Nia Jax and Asuka ahead of Backlash.

Many fans have noted that the fact that she is yet to return could mean that she’s another one of Paul Heyman’s recent projects that the company has decided to drop.

According to a report by CagesideSeats via The Sportster, Vince McMahon has soured on the former Women’s Champion and she isn’t expected to receive a push on Monday Night Raw anytime soon.