Vince McMahon Hearing Negative Things About NXT Training Program, Keith Lee

As reported earlier, several “big men” wrestlers have been told to do additional training at the Performance Center as Vince McMahon was allegedly unhappy with their in-ring work.

RingsideNews is reporting that the backlash against the wrestlers’ work might not have originated from anything McMahon saw, but rather, what someone close to him has been saying to him.

Bruce Prichard has allegedly been “burying” certain wrestlers to McMahon. He is reportedly “not a fan” of the training NXT wrestlers get and has been saying so around McMahon.

Prichard is currently the Executive Director of both SmackDown and Raw and is a long time confidant of McMahon.

Of the named performers who reportedly were ordered to have additional training, the most startling to many was current SmackDown talent and former NXT Champion and NXT North American Champion, Keith Lee.

Many fans and those backstage were confused at Lee’s inclusion and thought it might be a mix up. However, RingsideNews is also reporting that there might be a more worrying reason.

Lee might be joining the list of WWE talent who McMahon doesn’t understand and doesn’t feel like pushing.

“We have been told that ‘Vince doesn’t see it in him’”, reported Ringside News.

According to the report, with the lack of crowd reactions, the only way that McMahon can tell if a talent is “working” or not is if he “feels it” or is told to feel it by those he trusts, namely Prichard and a few other longtime confidants such as Kevin Dunn.

If Prichard is indeed “burying” NXT training and NXT talent, then this could explain Lee’s inclusion in the training sessions and is a bit worrisome for Lee’s prospects with the company.