Vince McMahon Is No Longer Worried About AEW Signing Released Talents

WWE had been signing a lot of talents and retaining unused Superstars to keep them away from #1 rival promotion, AEW. Vince McMahon wasn’t ready to see a certain wrestler become a bigger name in Tony Khan’s promotion and coughed up the relevant dough to prevent talents from signing with AEW, thus neutralizing any potential threat of competition – until now.

Brad Shepard reports that the latest talent cull was bound to happen due to the fact that WWE had been stockpiling talent to keep them away from AEW.

Now that all businesses have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. McMahon’s mindset regarding AEW May have apparently changed.

At present, AEW boasts of a well-decked roster and even if the upstart promotion intends to sign some names that were released in the past 48 hours, the financial burden brought forth by the global pandemic may make it difficult for them to do so.

Released Superstars, namely, “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson and Maria Kanellis have already teased their return to Japan. While other talents are yet to announce their next career moves, guys like EC3 have begun rebuilding their gimmick.

It is to be noted that several loyal employees who have been working with WWE for most of their professional lives were handed their releases and are now sitting at home without any pay. Meanwhile, those put on furlough may return to the company before or after July 1st.

Given Mr. McMahon is a close friend of President Donald Trump, it makes it easier for WWE to reopen their office at the earliest.