Vince McMahon Is Reportedly Done Pushing Humberto Carrillo, Mauro Ranallo To Miss NXT This Week

Humberto Carrillo is the latest Superstar who failed to click with the WWE Universe. He got some great opportunities but despite his best efforts, fans refuse to buy into the young Luchador.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez reported that Vince McMahon “is done” with Carrillo which could be a really bad sign for the Mexican.

Vince is done with Humberto Carrillo for the time being. He’s giving him the ‘Cedric Alexander.’ Like you’re still gonna see him on TV. I’m sure he’s gonna win here and there, but like it’s exactly like Cedric Alexander. He got a few weeks, Vince thought he wasn’t getting over, so he’s just — he’s done.”

Image via WWE

Humberto has failed to receive any pops whatsoever as many hardcore fans simply dislike his gimmick and consider his character unfit for the bigger picture.

While Cedric Alexander is miles ahead of Carrillo in terms of appeal and personality, it’s a pity that WWE has buried the former Cruiserweight Champion despite pushing him as a promising main event Superstar during SummerSlam.

Meanwhile, Mauro Ranallo is set to miss the upcoming episode of WWE NXT after his recent issue with Corey Graves. John Pollock of Post Wrestling reports that Ranallo won’t be on NXT commentary this week and there’s still no word on his future in WWE.

Graves threw shade at Ranallo during TakeOver: WarGames this past Saturday, noting how the 49-year-old commentator had silenced Beth Phoenix and Nigel McGuinness by not offering them enough opportunity to commentate. This would cause Ranallo to delete his Twitter account and miss Survivor Series where he was supposed to work alongside Graves.

Michael Cole filled in for Ranallo, noting that the NXT commentator had “blown out” his voice on Saturday night which happens to be the “official” reason for his absence. Hopefully, WWE will be able to sort out the ongoing issue before things get worse.