Vince McMahon Is Reportedly Responsible For The Recent Lackluster WWE Shows, Update On How Money In The Bank Will Be Aired

For over a month, WWE has been producing RAW and SmackDown shows at the Performance Center and NXT at Full Sail University. WrestleMania 36 was primarily taped at the training facility while Money In The Bank will emanate from two locations, namely, Orlando and Stamford.

WWE’s television viewership has dropped to less than 2 million viewers per week. The coronavirus pandemic is definitely to blame, the fact that the recent episodes have been quite lackluster can’t be ruled out either.

On PW Insider Elite audio, Mike Johnson noted that Vince McMahon is responsible for the degradation in the quality of the recent storylines. It’s no secret that The Chairman’s say has always been the final word in the company but the fact that he’s producing such poor content while being in-charge is a major concern among the WWE Universe.

“A lot of people have said that if there is one person to blame for the show it’s gotta be Vince McMahon. I spoke to a lot of people in the last week and said, ‘why do you think the show is just there and it’s just sorta just kinda wandering and there’s not a lot of excitement to it and not a lot of spark and three different people said to me: ‘The show you are seeing is the show Vince McMahon wants you to see.’”

“So, that’s pretty much how it goes. Vince gets the credit when something is good and when something isn’t so great Vince has to take the blame even when he doesn’t want to take the blame.”

Despite the poor back-to-back episodes, fans are hopeful that Money In The Bank would be significantly better in all aspects. WWE’s upcoming pay-per-view is set to take place from two different locations with a unique touch that only Mr. McMahon can deliver.

According to Johnson, Money In The Bank will air both as a live and taped show. Apart from the two marquee ladder matches that have been taped, the remaining bouts will air live from the Performance Center.

“Will it be live? Will it be taped? The answer is: both. All of the material related to the Money In The Bank ladder matches, the men’s match and the women’s match which will take place at the same time has been filmed. That material, everyone battling throughout Titan Tower all up on the roof — all of that filmed.”

“Everything else that you’re going to see on the show that will take place from the WWE Performance Center will be live on pay-per-view as it happens.”