Vince McMahon Looking to Negotiate a Deal to Sell WWE to ESPN and FOX

Vince McMahon has been having a nightmare over the past few weeks since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced major changes throughout WWE. The company continues to release stars with Cain Velasquez and Gerald Brisco the latest names on the lengthy list but it appears that WWE’s issues don’t end there since The Chairman could now be looking to sell the company to the likes of FOX and ESPN.

Dutch Mantell, who was known as Zeb Colter on WWE TV recently revealed the news on Twitter stating that this came directly from Stamford.

Obviously, this is still considered a huge rumor since it’s unclear how WWE would sell the entire company to the likes of ESPN and FOX, especially considering EPSN doesn’t currently have any WWE programming and Raw is broadcast on the USA Network. SmackDown does currently air on FOX, which means that a deal there could be much easier to iron out.

There have been many rumors in recent months regarding Vince McMahon and the fact that he wants to sell off some of WWE’s assets but nothing as major as selling the whole company. Reports have emerged that have suggested that McMahon is in a mode now where he is accepting any superstar’s request when it comes to being released and he is now in full “f**k it mode.”

WWE’s future has now become uncertain given this most recent update. With America still on lockdown, it leaves many fans questioning what the future holds for WWE in the long term because there are rumors that sporting events which include a live crowd could be delayed until 2021.

With COVID-19 continuing to cause problems in the United States, Vince McMahon is reportedly at breaking point and this could lead to The Chairman making some hasty decisions in the coming months.