Vince McMahon’s Mindset About Roman Reigns Reportedly “Changes Daily”

Roman Reigns‘ WWE status is currently a mystery – WWE banned any references to his name backstage or on-screen, edited him out of the WrestleMania 31 clip, and even excluded him from the list of options available for the Superstar face masks. However, The Big Dog was still featured on SmackDown during the compilation of Triple H‘s embarrassing moments on The Game’s 25th-anniversary special last week.

Reigns pulling out of WrestleMania 36 at the last-minute due to his compromised immune system and imminent threat of coronavirus is what caused things to turn sour between him and Vince McMahon. The former Universal Champion has appeared in various video packages and digital media but was nixed from WWE’s Make-A-Wish video.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Reigns’ current status is still unclear because Mr. McMahon himself doesn’t know what to do with The Powerhouse. The Chairman’s mindset ‘changes daily based on which way the wind is blowing.’

“We’re told the reaction by Vince McMahon regarding Reigns and how to handle the situation “changes daily based on which way the wind is blowing,” which is why one day they show him beating Triple H on Smackdown, then they edited him off Raw, then they do a Make-a-Wish thing and have no clips of him, then they do an investment conference and Vince McMahon never says his name, and then they have a one hour special on him on FS 1.”

Reigns isn’t working Sunday’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view, but at least he is still on SmacKDown’s official poster and hasn’t been removed from programming just yet. It’s unlikely for WWE to replace or reposition him on the graphic, and hopefully, things will be sorted out before Mr. McMahon does the unthinkable.

Only time will tell when The Big Dog may return to WWE television. He last wrestled King Corbin in a dark match on the February 28th episode of RAW.