Vince McMahon Not Worried About WWE Raw and SmackDown’s Historic Rating Lows

WWE is having a tough time finding audiences to tune into their shows ever since they resorted to empty arena shows back in March. The ratings have been on a downward spiral with each passing week, with last week’s RAW recording the lowest numbers in the show’s twenty-five year plus history.

The onus is on the company to push back and do something about the ratings, which led to the Randy Orton-Big Show Unsanctioned Match on RAW instead of Extreme Rules.

According to, Vince McMahon isn’t worried a bit about the falling ratings, as FOX and USA are happy with the current numbers. They believe that the numbers will boost up once the crowd returns to the shows.

“Vince is doing what he can by putting on PPV matches on Raw and SmackDown but USA and Fox are happy and everyone knows things will get better when we can get some people back at arenas. This is what he thinks right now and he’s not sweating these numbers.”

WWE also put out the Intercontinental Championship match between AJ Styles and Matt Riddle on SmackDown last week, which could be a decision to boost up the numbers for the blue brand.

The company has seen an exponential decline in the ratings in the past few years, but continue to get decent numbers in the overall rankings. RAW and SmackDown have consistently stood near the top in the 18-49 demo, but haven’t managed to get jaw-dropping ratings overall.