Vince McMahon Reportedly Asked John Cena To Kick-Off WWE RAW Reunion

The Champ is still The Franchise Player despite being a part-timer

Image via WWE

16-time World Champion John Cena kicked off WWE’s special RAW Reunion in style as he graced the ring and cut a heartfelt promo in a long, long time.

Despite being busy with Hollywood, The Champ returned on the special night – he called WWE his home and the WWE Universe his family.

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However, there’s a reason why Cena kicked off RAW Reunion despite other legends, namely Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle present backstage.

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Brad Shepard reports that Vince McMahon had personally handpicked Cena to kick-off the special show in order to get a huge pop from the crowd. And as always, The Champ didn’t fail to impress The Chairman.

PWInsider further reports that unlike other legends who were in the building until the show had wrapped up, Cena had left shortly after his segment was over.

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“One name who wasn’t there at the end was John Cena, which makes me think he showed up to do his segment and was out the door. “

After his promo, Cena was joined by 6-time WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos. All three men did a brief freestyle rap session before Hall Of Famer Rikishi walked out to his music.

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No sooner had Rikishi joined his sons and Cena in the ring, than RAW Tag Team Champions The Revival showed up with Hall Of Famer D-Von Dudley.

Dawson, Wilder, Jimmy and Jey thereafter went to war in a non-title match. The twin brothers made their father proud by emerging victorious over the heels.

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On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that WWE had plans to involve Rikishi in the match but that didn’t happen as the Samoan didn’t receive medical clearance.

Rikishi wasn’t cleared, but that wasn’t a big deal, but Rikishi was supposed to do the Stinkface on D-Von and The Revival and I don’t know what it is where you can’t get cleared to do a Stinkface, but he was not cleared to do a Stinkface.”