Vince McMahon Reportedly Doesn’t See Anything in Three Current WWE Superstars

Over the past few weeks, it’s become apparent that WWE doesn’t have any plans for the likes of Andrade and Aleister Black. The two men have failed to feature on WWE TV since 2020 and recent updates are bleak regarding their future in the company.

Black was last seen back in October when he was moved over to SmackDown, while Andrade has also been missing from the same time following his split from Zelina Vega.

Another name that’s linked to the equation is Bo Dallas, who hasn’t wrestled on WWE TV since 2019.

Dallas took some time away from WWE at the end of the year but is reportedly back and still being overlooked by the creative team. According to a report by The Wrestling Observer, all three men are currently in the same position backstage.

“Vince does not see anything in Aleister Black, or Andrade, or any of those guys that when Paul Heyman lost his position. The only one that ended up not being completely f**ked was Shayna because I guess they like the idea of Shayna and Nia Jax, so she got brought back. But pretty much everybody else, they’re with Bo Dallas in catering.”

It was noted that it’s unclear why WWE has kept Bo Dallas around since the company hasn’t used him in more than a year and has released many other names in that time.

“He’s there [Bo Dallas] and you know how they say ‘creative has nothing for him’? In his case, that’s actually true. Usually when people say that it’s something else.”

“I don’t know why he’s never been cut, they never use him. But, they didn’t cut him and they cut all of those guys that they cut in April. He’s still there, still got a job. No idea what or why or anything. Big mystery.”