Vince McMahon Reportedly Finds Matt Riddle “Very Funny in His Own Weird Way”

Matt Riddle plays a stoner dude in WWE. Most fans think that he should drop his gimmick and adopt a more serious character. However, it seems like Vince McMahon doesn’t want that to happen.

Recently, on the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about Matt Riddle. He revealed that Vince McMahon thinks Matt is “very funny in his own weird way.”

Meltzer also said that McMahon doesn’t understand Riddle’s gimmick but because he thinks Matt is funny, he keeps him on television.

“He just doesn’t get The Bro thing, but he thinks he’s funny ‘so we gotta keep him on TV”

Meltzer also revealed that while McMahon may not find Riddle a main-event push worthy wrestler, he does think that the former NXT wrestler should get regular television time.

“I don’t know that he wants to push him to a main event but he likes the guy on TV doing this stuff because Vince probably never saw Fast Times at Ridgemont High and doesn’t realize that he’s doing a 40-year-old character – you know, Jeff Spicolli from that movie. And probably he thinks that this is really unique and funny and everything like that and so he wants this character. He likes Matt Riddle.”