Vince McMahon Reportedly Impressed With Aalyah Mysterio, Likely to Offer Full-Time Contract

Aalyah Mysterio is “good for numbers”, which means that we might be seeing more of the youngest Mysterio going forward.

A source told’s Paul Davis that Aalyah’s segments on Raw have been getting good numbers on YouTube and that she’s also considered “great to work with.”

“Don’t be surprised if Vince offers her a full-time contract. He sees star potential in her,” said the WWE source.

“She’s eager to learn and if she wants to pursue a career here or anywhere in the entertainment world, then I think she will be successful,” added the source.

Unlike her brother Dominik, Aalyah is not and has never trained to be an in-ring talent. Rather, she has been brought in to work in an “acting capacity”.

She was originally brought in as backstage support for her brother but she now seems to be getting her own storyline with Murphy.

On YouTube, Aalyah’s most recent segment on Raw, where she tried to protect Murphy was watched 1.5 million times.

The segment on last week’s Raw, where Seth Rollins revealed that she and Murphy had been exchanging friendly texts, has over 1.9 million views. Other segments with Aalyah have already surpassed 2 million views.