Vince McMahon Reportedly Looking for More Romance Angles in WWE

Ever since WWE turned PG, Vince McMahon has had to change the company’s product significantly. Back then, when WWE was TV-14, McMahon had the license to do almost anything he wished to do. But now, The Chairman can’t do a lot of things that might upset the sponsors.

On Grilling JR, Jim Ross talked about a rumor he heard about WWE. He said that Vince wants to do more romance angles.

Ross also said that sexual elements could make a return to WWE once again. They were one of the reasons WWE was so popular back in the days.

“Sooner than later they’ve got to figure out some things, get somebody hot and get people talking. What does that really mean? Is that a good thing? Not always. If they’re talking good its good, if they’re talking ‘I’m never watching this sh*t again,’ that ain’t good. Vince always liked that sexual element, especially when we were T.V. 14 in the Attitude Era. He had the poetic and artistic license to do whatever the hell he wanted.”

“That might be a return to their repertoire there. It’s so simple as getting somebody hot with consistent booking and getting those people on a roll. You got to earmark and designate who’s getting on a role and not be talked out of it tomorrow. That doesn’t work for me or anybody. It’s a short term fix. That won’t work any longer. Get somebody in a role that I can attach to and hitch my wagon too and let’s see where it takes us. I can’t do that every other week thing, 50-50 booking.”