Vince McMahon Reportedly Rewrote SmackDown Live This Week, Rose & Deville’s Backstage Segment Botch

WWE is no stranger to last-minute changes made by The Chairman

Image via WWE

Vince McMahon is the reason WWE is the global phenomenon that it is today – the CEO has always been the one to make the final calls in all matters and the rest is history.

McMahon is pretty popular for making last-minute changes to WWE’s programming, be it weekly shows (RAW & SmackDown) or big pay-per-view events. The Chairman never shies away from changing the script at the final hour, even if that causes a huge upset among the producers or the creative.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that this week’s episode of SmackDown Live was completely rewritten by the CEO just two hours before the show went live.

“Okay, so this show is completely different than the show that was written. Because Vince McMahon showed up at 4:00 PM and decided that he didn’t like the show and re-did the show — Vince re-did the show at 4:00 PM before so everything changed.”

The last-minute change scrapped many angles that WWE had promoted throughout the week.

“That’s why all the stuff that was advertised — Bryan Danielson’s speech and Shawn Michaels announcing and all that stuff that they talked about all week and then didn’t happen is because Vince changed his mind.”

While the show took place to McMahon’s satisfaction, there was one segment that completely took away from his rewritten script – the backstage segment featuring Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose.

The storyline is that if Fire & Desire emerge victorious over The IIconics next week in a non-title match, they’re in for a title shot at SummerSlam.

However, Deville botched the segment by saying that they’re set for a tag team title match next week and if they win, they get a tag team title match. This made no sense at all.

Bryan Alvarez noted that Deville and Rose had the entire afternoon to rehearse the segment but ultimately failed to execute it flawlessly on camera.

“They practiced that thing all afternoon I was told and they still messed it up. Like why would you practice afternoon when you could just do a damn pre-tape and if it doesn’t look good you can just do it again?”