Vince McMahon Reportedly Still Makes Last-Minute Changes to Raw Script, Absence of Raw Underground

It is no secret by this point that Vince McMahon absolutely loves to keep things at the very last moment for his shows, and this week’s RAW was no different.

Apparently, the show wasn’t put into motion until 5 pm on Monday evening, and the whole thing was planned in a span of just three hours.

Vince McMahon was quite busy on the day, and was reported to be ‘more inaccessible’ than usual, as reported by Dave Meltzer.

Meltzer also noted that the absence of RAW Underground this week wasn’t a complete dismissal of the storyline from programming, and it will eventually make its return.

The shoot-fighting segment hosted by Shane McMahon has aired in the third hour for seven weeks in a row, but was suspiciously absent from the show this week, which made fans wonder if WWE has dropped the ball on yet another storyline.