Vince McMahon Reportedly Unhappy With Survivor Series Main Event, Reason Why Women Headlined The Show

Becky Lynch, Bayley and Shayna Baszler headlined WWE Survivor Series with The Submission Machine choking out The Hugger to score the decisive victory for NXT. Last night’s women’s Champion vs Champion vs Champion main event was supposed to reach the same heights as that of the WrestleMania 35 headliner, but the triple threat matchup failed to live up to the expectations.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer analyzed the possible reason behind the women’s triple threat match closing Survivor Series.

“I think that they felt that #1 they wanted to end the show with Shayna. I think that Shayna is really high on their list of things and people they want to push as stars. I think that they felt that Becky is the biggest star so she could go on last and I think they expected from the build because of all the three-ways that certainly had the best build that it would get the most reaction and it didn’t.”

The crowd reaction was dull and fans kept craving for more. The WWE Universe vented its frustrations on social media and bashed the company for such poor booking.

WWE would’ve hit a home run had things gone according to plan, but the women simply couldn’t deliver despite their feud topping the build throughout.

“I mean reasoning, I can see the reasoning why they put it last, but you it didn’t work in that position unfortunately.”

It turns out Vince McMahon wasn’t happy with the main event matchup either.

Fans left the arena and many were disgusted at Becky’s forced ‘top guy’ push.

It would be interesting to see whether WWE gives the women any opportunity of main eventing another PPV in the near future. The Women’s Revolution is definitely at the forefront of the company and one bad match doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over for all the female Superstars out there.