Vince McMahon To Reportedly Change Landscape Of NXT With USA Network Move

The Chairman is about to take over the reins of NXT from The Godfather

vince mcmahon
Image via Twitter

WWE NXT is likely headed to USA Network with the announcement to be made official on Monday Night RAW, and Vince McMahon is about to gain more control over the developmental brand’s programming with the latest move.

Till date, Paul “Triple H” Levesque has been in charge of NXT and is widely praised throughout the pro wrestling community for bringing the yellow-black brand on par with the RAW & SmackDown.

However, now that NXT will share it’s new home with RAW on USA Network, the entire landscape of the developmental brand is in for a massive change.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that fans should be prepared to bid farewell to the special TakeOver events with Vince in control.

“My God, if you guys love those TakeOvers, kiss them goodbye.”

“You guys know those TakeOvers, you know why they’re so special, well, it’s because Triple H puts together those TakeOvers with the best wrestlers vs the best wrestlers…those days are over everyone, they’re done.”

Vince is not going to put together a TakeOver with the intention of having the best wrestlers face each other. He’s going to have the people who he thinks are the biggest stars facing each other whether they gel in the ring or not. How many Baron Corbin matches do we have for crying out loud?”

Vince taking over may not be good news for TakeOver after all. People in WWE are widely aware of the CEO’s notorious last-minute changes and this could vehemently take away from NXT’s deftly-composed monthly PPVs.

It was also reported that McMahon is about to axe NXT’s previous idea of long-term booking, making things similar to RAW and SmackDown. And this could essentially make the glorious NXT shows yet another weekly garbage.

“We’re not going to have any long-term booking. It’s goin to be exactly like RAW and SmackDown. Every Wednesday he’s gonna re-write NXT. It happens for RAW, it happens for SmackDown. You’re living in fantasy land if you think anything is going to be different for NXT from RAW and SmackDown once they go to the USA Network.”

NXT will no longer feature bookings geared towards a TakeOver, instead the storylines will be on the same page as that of the main roster i.e. based on a mixture of weekly ratings and Vince rewriting entire scripts just before showtime.