Vince McMahon To Reportedly Counter AEW’s Every Move Including Weekly TNT Show

AEW is WWE's biggest competitor since the death of WCW in 2001


Vince McMahon is responsible for making WWE the global phenomenon that it is today and has achieved billionaire status in the process.

WWE is no stranger to competition and after dominating the pro wrestling business for two full decades, the billion dollar promotion is ready to wage war against the newest player in town, AEW.

AEW’s upcoming event Fight For The Fallen takes place on July 13 and the upstart promotion has already faced a huge counter – WWE will be airing EVOLVE 131 on the WWE Network on the same night!

What’s even interesting is that WWE’s next pay-per-view Extreme Rules takes place on July 14, just a night after Fight For The Fallen. This will allow Vince to make any last-minute changes to the show to make sure that the WWE pay-per-view outshines AEW’s.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the matter to reveal that WWE will even counter AEW’s weekly TV show on TNT.

“Knowing Vince they’re gonna do a counter for the TV and look, they just did a counter for the show on the 13th, they’re gonna counter every move. That’s just how it’s gonna be. It’s a war and you know, Vince gets interested in wars and [AEW] is gonna have to fight back because if it’s a one-sided, you know if they just sit there and keep taking it, you know they’ll be like every other promotion.”

“I don’t wanna say that [AEW] doesn’t have money, because they have money, but in the end you can bully, but the way to be the bully is gonna be who’s more clever and it’s all up to their cleverness. I mean they did do the cease and desist thing so they’re gonna have to pull a lot of cease and desist things out of their brains to counter this or they won’t.”

Only time will reveal whether AEW can overcome WWE’s counters or crumble just like other promotions have in the past.