Vince McMahon to Shake Things Up on NXT?

WWE has axed Paul Heyman as Executive Director of Monday Night RAW due to Vince McMahon’s frustrations with the disastrous RAW ratings. The flagship show has struggled to get above 2 million viewers for any hour in recent weeks and Mr. McMahon has had enough.

Meanwhile, NXT has been losing to AEW Dynamite every week and although it doesn’t seem to be a big concern due to the small difference in ratings, the fact that the Wednesday Night Wars mean as much as the Monday Night Wars to Mr. McMahon speaks volumes.

According to WrestlingNews, McMahon is unhappy with the NXT ratings and although he’s not looking to make any immediate changes, it’s possible that The Chairman Of Board will shake things up on the creative side sooner than later.

“I was told that McMahon has been frustrated with NXT ratings as well but right now it doesn’t look like there are changes coming for that brand on the creative side but there has been talk of using”more talent from Raw and SmackDown on that show.

It’s a well-known fact that WWE has always resorted to the idea of using RAW and SnackDown Superstars on NXT to boost the ratings, and it wouldn’t come off as a surprise if a certain chunk of main roster talents are drafted to the black and gold part as part of the next Superstar Shake-Up.

Now that WWE has merged the creative teams of both RAW and SmackDown with Bruce Prichard leading the charge, the brand extension seems shaky and the company can always reset following a pay-per-view, for instance, Backlash.

The fact that Prichard will oversee the consolidated creative team makes it apparent that the brand split is rapidly fading.

Vince McMahon will always do what’s “best for business” and the backstage staff can expect another creative shakeup if NXT ratings fail to improve in the near future.