Vince McMahon Wasn’t Present On SmackDown Live, Rewrote Entire Show Via Skype

WWE is no stranger to The Chairman tearing up scripts at the very last minute

Image via WWE

Vince McMahon is a very busy man these days. He’s got the huge XFL relaunch on his plate as well as the upcoming Wednesday Night Wars against AEW.

Last week, McMahon wasn’t present on Monday Night RAW or SmackDown Live due to the XFL team announcement, and per reports, he again missed the show this Tuesday night due to XFL commitments.

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Prior to The Blue Show going on the air, Dave Meltzer reported that although The Chairman wasn’t present in the building, that didn’t stop him from tearing up the entire script and rewriting the show all over again.

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As it turns out, Vince used technology to the fullest to write the new script ahead of the show.

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On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez reported,

“Tonight, we’ll see what happens, because I guess the story is that Vince is not at SmackDown again and he’s basically kinda going over the show via telephone today so I can only imagine.”

On Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast, Brad Shepard zeroed in on Meltzer’s report to reveal that McMahon re-wrote this week’s show via Skype!

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Vince McMahon wasn’t at SmackDown Live as Dave Meltzer had reported. The reason he wasn’t there was because he was attending meetings with a few of the people in charge of specific XFL teams.”

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“So he actually re-wrote SmackDown via Skype.”

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While people backstage are no stranger to the CEO’s notorious last-minute changes, no one could have possibly imagined their boss going this far i.e. dictating a full script from a completely different location!

Up until this day, only RAW, SmackDown and the main roster pay-per-view events have been subject to Vince’s sudden last-minute changes. With NXT moving to USA Network on September 18, fans are afraid that the yellow-and-black brand will also have to deal with this issue in the future.