Vince McMahon Will Reportedly Not “Hand Over Everything” To Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff

Will the new Executive Directors be able to make the product enjoyable once again?

Image via WWE

WWE has hired Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as the new Executive Directors of Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live respectively but it will be a “slow battle” before the real changes come around.

Vince McMahon is still the alpha and omega of WWE – he makes the final calls and doesn’t bother making last-minute changes to existing scripts. The Chairman’s micromanagement has pestered WWE for years and allowed the company to become the global phenomenon that it is today. However, change has always been the order of Mother Nature and WWE is no exception.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that The Advocate may have been the mastermind behind some segments on RAW this week but its Vince who gives the seal of approval.

“I’m sure some of those segments were [Paul Heyman’s]. I mean, it’s Vince [McMahon’s] show. I mean it’s always going to be Vince’s show. I’ve seen people go, ‘Well what happens if Paul and Eric [Bischoff] don’t get along with storylines. It’s like, they’re not the — It’s Vince! They’re gonna have suggestions just like everybody else. I mean, they’re gonna be more powerful, but it’s still Vince.”

WWE has dealt huge damage already and the company can’t afford to make any further losses amidst record-low viewership which is why they hired Heyman and Bischoff in hopes that the two icons will overhaul the product.

“You know Vince isn’t handing over everything to these guys. It’s a slow battle.”

The Heyman Era has begun and fans are optimistic about the future. Uncle E will be carrying out his duties post-Extreme Rules and the WWE Universe believes that the overall product will become enjoyable once again.

Only time will reveal how much freedom the new Executive Directors have in their hands with Vince pulling all the strings.