Wade Barrett in Talks for a Possible Full-Time Return to WWE

Wade Barrett appeared on NXT last week, replacing Mauro Ranallo on commentary on the table alongside Vic Joseph and Beth Phoenix.

It was the first appearance for the Season 1 NXT winner in WWE in over four years after he was released from the company along with several other superstars after WrestleMania 32.

Barrett moved onto different ventures after his release, and recently enjoyed a stint with NWA on commentary.

His return to WWE was meant to be one-off but seems like the former Intercontinental Champion is negotiating a deal for a full-time return to the announce table on Wednesday nights.

Barrett announced that he will appear on this week’s Super Tuesday episode of NXT, and according to PWInsider, he could be appearing on future episodes as a permanent fixture on the commentary table for the black and gold brand.

These two weeks were believed to be a feeling-out process for the two parties, and seems like the positive response from last week has convinced WWE to offer a contract to Barrett.

There is no in-ring return being discussed, as Barrett has apparently given up wrestling ambitions a long time ago.

Barrett is also rumored to join the NXT UK commentary team, when it returns to the WWE Network next month.

Barrett made his WWE debut a decade ago when he led the Nexus stable onto the main roster and immediately became a huge sensation. However, his run eventually fizzled out leading to a lackluster final stint with the League of Nations and the eventual release in 2016.