When Did WWE Shoot the Firefly Inferno Match?

WWE presented TLC last night, and the show has garnered widespread acclaim from members of the wrestling fraternity.

The main event in particular, was the key highlight, which saw Randy Orton burn the Fiend alive to win the Firefly Inferno Match.

The whole show was presented live, apart from the main event, which was shot in the afternoon, according to WrestleVotes.

This explains the kind of things WWE showed during the match, including a gory visual of Orton setting a lifeless body of Bray Wyatt on fire.

The match wasn’t supposed to be the main event, but was later pushed to the back end of the show. The visuals and overall execution of the match went down quite well, which could be the reason behind its spot on the card.

The Fiend isn’t dead yet, as Bray Wyatt confirmed on Twitter that he’ll be back. It will be interesting to see if we get Firefly Inferno matches once the fans come back to the arenas.