Who Was Behind the Retribution Masks This Week on Raw?

RETRIBUTION seem to be taking steps towards being part of a real storyline in WWE, rather than just appearing at random intervals.

This week, the group was able to get on the bad side of The Hurt Business who are now doing their best to keep WWE safe from the controversial masked figures who are intent on attacking the Raw Roster.

RETRIBUTION appeared on the titantron again this week and cut a promo which seemed to indicate that the group would finally unmask in the coming days and hint that Clash of Champions could be the place to do it.

While the identities of many members of the group remain unknown and it could still be argued that these stars are just placeholders while WWE makes real plans for the group, WWE fans have already established who was behind the masks this week.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer confirmed that the rumors were correct and that the five stars in masks this week could have been the only ones who WWE could find that weren’t on TV in the Performance Center.

“The talking people tonight were Dio Maddin, Shane Thorne, Dijakovic, Mia Yim, and Mercedes Martinez. All of those other people [in the final segment] were probably everybody they could find who aren’t on TV from the Performance Center.”