Why Goldberg May Dethrone “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt At WWE Super ShowDown

Will the Universal Title change hands on the Road To WrestleMania?


With just over two weeks to go for WWE’s first Saudi Arabian pay-per-view of 2020, Bill Goldberg continues to prepare himself, both physically and mentally, for his upcoming Universal Championship match against “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt at Super ShowDown.

The marquee booking was the least likely to happen at the Saudi Arabian event, but now that WWE has decided to proceed with the match, fans have already begun speculating the potential outcome of the title clash on February 27th.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the likelihood of Goldberg dethroning a red-hot Fiend at Super ShowDown. While the booking itself may be short-sighted, the fact that Goldberg is a more marketable WrestleMania Superstar could actually help WWE to bring in all the revenue they desire for the grand April 5th PPV in Tampa, Florida.

“You gotta protect him and he’s gotta be Bill Goldberg. If you start f*cking with him then he’s not gonna mean anything. He’s a guy you can… so here’s the thing — For WrestleMania — the reality is that for WrestleMania the marquee value at WrestleMania even as much as they’ve spent all year pushing The Fiend as this unstoppable monster the fact is that Roman Reigns vs Goldberg or The Fiend vs Roman Reigns that on the marquee for WrestleMania Roman Reigns and Bill Goldberg will have more fan interest.”

The Fiend won the big red belt this past October at Crown Jewel and there’s every possibility of him dropping the title to the Hall Of Famer on his return trip to The Kingdom later this month. On the other hand, The Myth could potentially suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of the masked monster to put him over at Super ShowDown.

“Just so people know Roman Reigns and Bray as of a week ago was the WrestleMania match. Now, Vince can always change his mind and this and that.”