Why Jerry Lawler Returned To Raw, How WWE Convinced Florida That They Were ‘Essential’ Media

Many of the WWE Universe were confused to find out that veteran Jerry Lawler was back on commentary last night on Raw since it was warned that many of the older generation should be self-isolating while COVID-19 takes hold of the United States.

Lawler was taken off commentary a few weeks ago when it was revealed that the company would continue to present live shows and wouldn’t be putting the former Champion at risk.

COVID-19 is still out of control in the United States, but Lawler still made his return on Raw something that Dave Meltzer brought up as part of the recent episode of The Wrestling Observer, where he revealed that it was Lawler’s decision to make his return.

“The Lawler thing, with the Lawler thing there is no defense of the Lawler thing whatsoever. Now, did Lawler want to go? Absolutely. Lawler asked. He asked to go that’s why he was allowed to go. I don’t if that should be his decision but that’s the deal with Lawler.”

Lawler reportedly made the call based on the fact that the virus was affecting people of all ages and noted on his podcast that he had the flight to this week’s Raw to himself.

Last night’s episode of Raw was streamed live from the Performance Center in Florida after it was decided earlier in the week that WWE is now considered to be “essential media” and that they could continue their operations. This came as a shock to many of the talents backstage but according to Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda, there was a method to the way that WWE handled the entire situation.

“SportsKeeda can exclusively report that FOX, who broadcast SmackDown on Friday nights, took part in the lobbying process encouraging this decision, with the USA Network potentially also taking part. In addition, Florida governor Ron DeSantis has apparently been the subject of a significant charm offensive from the McMahon family.”

Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings recently commented on the situation, stating that “with some conversations with the Governor’s office regarding the Governor’s order, they were deemed an essential business.”

DeSantis is believed to have been swayed by the argument that WWE being housed in Florida represents a significant investment in the Floridian economy.