Why The Street Profits Haven’t Yet Wrestled On RAW, The Viking Raiders Returning To NXT?

Image via Twitter

The Street Profits were back with yet another highly-energetic backstage promo this week on Monday Night RAW.

The former NXT Tag Team Champions once again chose the ongoing storylines as the subject for their latest promo and were well received by the WWE Universe.

Despite being on RAW every week, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford are yet to wrestle their first match on the red brand.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Street Profits would make their RAW debut only when Executive Director Paul Heyman feels the timing is right.

“Like I said when they first started showing up on RAW. They’re a Paul Heyman decision, to do this, okay? Part of the idea was to have them not wrestle on the show. I mean, obviously, they will at some point — but, not to wrestle on the show until the idea is I think until they get over, because you would think that if they let them wrestle right away on the show that there’d be a compunction to beat them right away, because that’s what they do. Maybe if he figured they could do this and maybe get over as something special so by the time they wrestle it’ll be a big deal and they won’t just be some NXT team coming up.”

On the other hand, The Viking Raiders could possibly be on their way back to NXT.

After being eliminated (via DQ) from the 8-Team Tag Team Turmoil Match on RAW, Erik and Ivar cut a furious promo backstage, warning every tag team on the main roster and NXT about their wrath.

Gallows, Anderson, we’ve known you boys for a long time. This is far from finished! This is far from over! Until we get our hands on you we’re gonna take it out on every single team we can find! I don’t care if it’s Raw, SmackDown, or NXT… NO ONE IS SAFE!”