Why WWE Booked Goldberg Against Dolph Ziggler, “Dirty” SummerSlam Finish Scrapped?

Will The Showoff be the next victim of The Myth?


Former Universal Champion Goldberg will be locking horns with Dolph Ziggler in just four days at WWE SummerSlam in Toronto, Canada.

The rivalry reached new heights this week with the return of Goldberg on RAW and fans are quite happy with the booking so far. After all, the build-up also featured Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels!

While there were other Superstars in the locker room, notably heels, who could’ve been Goldberg’s dancing partner on Sunday, it was Ziggler who WWE had to put their faith in.

The Showoff has been in the company for a decade now and is one of the finest performers to have ever competed in a WWE ring. Moreover, not many wrestlers in the locker room can sell moves as professionally and effortlessly as Ziggler does.

On Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast, Brad Shepard revealed that the reason why WWE chose Ziggler as Goldberg’s next victim is due to the blonde superstar’s sheer ability to make his opponents look like a million bucks.

“At the end of the day Dolph Ziggler can make Goldberg look good, so that’s really what it’s about.”

Shepard further talked about the potential finish that the creative had initially come up with for Sunday’s match.

However, it appears that the idea has been scrapped and a new plan is being crafted.

“There was talk this week over giving Dolph a dirty victory over Goldberg which, of course was an idea that was thrown out — it does not mean it will happen at all. Again, I want to be clear for the extra stupid, it’s an internal conversation they had as they’re working through the creative process on this match and it’s an idea they threw out.”

It’s very likely that WWE has a swerve in store for all of us come SummerSlam but until then it’s safe to assume that the 52-year-old legend will be walking out of the Scotiabank Arena as the victor.