WrestleMania 36 Card Reportedly Put Together Without Advance Planning

Image via WWE

The Undertaker and AJ Styles are set to collide in a dream match in less than fourteen days at WWE’s biggest pay-per-view of the year, WrestleMania 36.

Last month on RAW, Styles cut a heel promo where he called out the legends/Hall Of Famers and labeled himself as the new “Mr. WrestleMania”. Then at Super ShowDown, The Phenom returned and defeated Styles to win the Tuwaiq Mountain Gauntlet Match while also kicking off their WrestleMania feud on the Saudi Arabian soil. Throughout their feud, The Deadman has single-handedly decimated Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson on every possible occasion.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed how WWE flipped plans on the Road To WrestleMania and ended up with the card that’s now official but still in development. It appears that Taker vs. Styles was decided on February 13th.

“That match was decided, the week it got out was the week that it was decided. You know like most of these matches the week that they’ve got out, it’s not like there were matches being hidden.”

“The day you heard about the match like Elias and Corbin, it’s probably been about two weeks. It’s not like any other year. That’s one of the reasons why people say it’s a weak card because they didn’t freaking decide on the card it’s not like they had this long direction. It’s like ‘WrestleMania’s here what are we gonna do? Who are we gonna put on the card?’ Goldberg wasn’t booked for this card. That happened because Vince changed his mind.”

WWE has managed to put together a solid WrestleMania card with 9 official matches so far amidst the coronavirus pandemic. There won’t be an audience in attendance at this year’s event, but the company will air the Show Of Shows live (or pre-recorded) on television.